Aligning the mind and body is the cornerstone to your health. Combining Ayurveda and living mucus free, I found the perfect balance for each body type. Throughout this programme you will be provided with daily self-care routines to energize or ground you , various tools to use in order to understand your digestion and what it needs how to use what you eat and how you live day to day , to find balance. Through approaching your life through a holistic lens, you will achieve optimal health.
The uba60day wellness challenge has been designed to change your life not only in a sustainable way but will help you guide your future eating habits and keep you motivated with an incredible workout routine. It is new and improved exercises and I’ll be alongside you every step of the way. I can confidently give the world a solution that actually works through my own life experience and the testimonies of others. I am delighted when the contestants return with testimonies of how this programme has healed them. Not only physically but mind, body and soul. In this programme we will be showing the exact steps to divine embodiment and finding balance through mind, body and soul. You will be asking why you haven’t started earlier.
This programme has been carefully designed to focus on your lymphatic/ nervous and digestive system and even personality and body type. The uba60day programme is an easy eat right for mind-body and soul,system, infused with Ayurveda and living mucus free.

Personal Journey

Your wellness journey is tailored to your body and personality type

This Is Not A Diet

This is a transformation programme for your mind, body and soul

Mucus Free Living

48 mucus free recipes to help cleanse and strengthen your body

Ayervedic Wellness

We combine centuries-old nutrition and self-care practises for a holistic journey
Join the programme today for just R999 (once-off) for membership! You will get granted access to the app once your membership is confirmed.
In this programme we have simplified and modernized this ancient healing system so that you can benefit from its timeless wisdom. In the 1st week we will help you discover what your unique body type is and what that means in your physiology, personality, digestive system, skin, metabolism and so much more.

During each week I will be teaching you 6 new recipes or a new habit to integrate into your lifestyle. You will be given exact breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for your body type as well as a list of food groups to avoid with intensive education around the reason why these foods are not ideal for our digestive system.

The ingredients on this programme is extremely affordable and no need to splurge out on expensive superfoods, herbs and equipment. We have modernized all the recipes so that you will be able to find it at any local supermarket. The best of all is that recipes can be made ahead, allowing you to meal prep for the week for guaranteed success.

What is included in this programme?

  • 8 weeks lessons on nutrition and selfcare
  • Quiz on how to discover your unique mind-body type (called Dosha in Ayurveda)
  • exact breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for each body type .
  • 60 days of Comprehensive programming and versatile workouts for each body type. Targeting fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Nutrition Plan with Delicious Recipes with Plant -Based meals
  • Easy to follow at Gym and at Home
  • Video Description and Tutorials movements
  • Private mentoring group 24/7 support
  • Online 60day resilient course to sustain this lifestyle
  • Meal plans
  • Weekly Shopping list
  • Onetime fee with lifetime access to the information
  • Utilizing an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition
  • Weekly online meetings with Dr Alex Smuts, our onboard doctor
  • Daily motivations to keep you motivated and focused

What this programme will do for you:

  • Renew your mind
  • Detox your body from stored up toxins accumulated over years.
  • Heal your digestion so that you break down and absorb nutrients from the foods you eat more effectively
  • Relieve anxiety, stress and depression which are imbalances of the mind body types.
  • Balance your hormones by cleansing out toxins and hormone disruptors
  • Heal your Gut
  • Stimulate your lymphatic system, allowing you to further detox and shed fat.
  • Learn how to eat the right foods for your body unique needs, which may be different from your friends or family.

I'm Ready to Sign Up!

Join the programme today for just R999(once-off) for membership! You will get granted access to the app once your membership is confirmed.

Meet Arabella - Our Chef!

I am a plant-based chef and nutritional health coach. Through vibrant and nourishing food I aim to empower people through a holistic relationship to food, reconnecting them with these natural systems and rediscovering our body’s healing wisdom. I have travelled to India to learn about Ayurveda, incorporating the principles of this ancient healing system into my food.

Living on a plant-based diet since training as a chef I believe that reducing our meat intake is the first step we can take towards re-aligning with the environment. We are in a global health crisis. The food industries don’t care about our health and the health industry doesn’t care about our food. The answer is simpler than we have been told to believe. Food is our medicine.

Meet Dr. Alex Smuts

Being fortunate enough to have been trained and qualified in two very contrasting medical systems, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Allopathic Medicine, I like many other Doctors of Chinese Medicine have been afforded the advantage of extracting the most effective, beneficial aspects of both systems and discarding the outdated, dysfunctional and rudimentary aspects.

In my practice I strive to maintain a balance between providing my patients with the age-old wisdom and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the latest and most scientific evidence that I have gathered on the human condition, while engaging in an open rapport about their unique state to create solutions that work for them.

My journey into the Mucusless Diet Healing system has given me a further advantage in understanding the human condition and the essential relationship we have with each other, ourselves, nature, the cosmos and the beyond.

In this technocratic age humanity has created a very complicated society, and so life is not black and white, and therefore requires sensitivity and understanding in responding to the needs of the individual.

In my practice I strive to bring together objective evidence and subjective experience in order to obtain the best outcome in improving the lives of my patients.

The aims of my work with my patients are to:

  • ​Diagnose the root cause(s) of their condition.
  • ​Alleviate their symptoms and treat the root cause(s) of their condition with the most suitable and effective treatment protocols.
  • ​Educate them on these root causes.
  • ​Empower them with the techniques to heal and better maintain their own health.

Only by creating a mutually open and understanding relationship between the practitioner and patient, can both become the healer, and the healed!

You will leave this course empowered as your own healer, knowing exactly what your body needs to feel its best. At the end you will be connected to your source. This programme is driven by passion and love, it is not a quick fix but a stepping stone to a lifechanging transformation.


  • Those who are interested in taking the next step in healing their minds and bodies.

  • Those that wants a blueprint of exactly what they want to eat for their unique body types.

  • Those who are tired of diets and wants a lifestyle change to healing and healthy living.

  • Those who are committed to making themselves and taking care of themselves as an act of self-love.

  • Those that want to experience divine embodiment.

  • Those who is seeking a spiritual connection with God.

  • Those who want to live the life God ordained for them to live.


How does it work!

The programme will kick off on the 14 January 2021. You will be granted full access to the uba60day App from the Google Play Store. On the App you can start familiarizing yourself with the programme and start preparing yourself for your journey.

What does the home workout videos look?

View Meal Plans:

Meat-free Meat Balls

Roasted Carrot Hummus Plate

Turmeric and Coconut Broth

Join the programme today for membership! You will get granted access to the app once your membership is confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products for this challenge expensive?

Not at all. The weekly planners are designed to save you costs and time. You will receive clear guidelines of what groceries to purchase so that there is nothing wasted.

Is it Herbal Life or Keto-based?

NO!!! IT IS NOT A DIET!! This programme is based on a healing system. It is focused on living mucus lean. Mucus is the primary cause of all disease. That is why all our clients see instant results living mucus free.

Is this programme sustainable?

During the 1st week of your detoxification, we focus on the renewal of the mind process. No lifestyle is sustainable unless the transformation happens through the renewal of the mind.  Romans 12:2. The primary objective of this programme is to assist you to renew your mind. In the end, sustainability will be your choice. It will really depend on how committed you are to this protocol.

Will this programme work for me if I have multiple injuries (i.e lower back, etc)?

“Let food by thy medicine”. We have proof that contestants’ joints, knee and lower back pain do decrease because of the food we eat. The trainers are highly qualified and will give alternative workouts that will assist these problems. The doctor-on-board will prescribe herbs that will definitely be able to help during this challenge. The herbs cost +/- R120 for 30 days. For your joints and lower back, you need fluids so that when you eat lots of fruit and vegetables it lubricates these structures. Your body is dehydrated that is why you have joint and lower back pain. This programme will re-hydrate your spine and joints. It will provide your body with the correct fats to lubricate. That is why we have weekly discussions with our doctor so that we can get a better understanding of how the body works. If you understand how your body works, you will ask me,” Clauds, why didn’t I hear about this years ago?”

What time are the online workouts?

Monday – 18:45 pm
Tuesday – 18:45 pm
Thursday – 18:45 pm
Saturday – 7 am

Is this programme only fruit and vegetables or vegan?

This programme is designed to make you understand that our bodies digestive system is designed to only digest fruit and vegetables. This is a detoxification system only for the period of the challenge. You are welcome to incorporate your other food groups after the challenge if you wish to.

Is there a set meal plan?

Yes, there are weekly planners that guide you on what to eat at what time. There are over 80 recipes provided for you.

How to make payment online?

Follow the step by step guideline on the registration page.

When do I receive access to the programme?

You receive immediate access to the app. Your mentor will make contact with you 5 days before the challenge start. You will be placed into a WhatsApp group where we will transition you for 4 days into the programme.

Is this programme vegan?

NO! It is a detoxification system based on only fruit and vegetable with amazing recipes and structure.

Where does my protein come from on this challenge?

Your body does not need protein, your body makes protein. It might seem like a bunch of technical terminologies that have no real value but the difference between protein and amino acids is of significance here. All amino acids come from nature, only plants make amino acids. Only plants are capable of constructing amino acids. This answers your question, NO your body needs amino acids and plants is the best form of that. Fruit contains between 1% and 2% amino acids.

I suffer from chronic illness. Can I do this programme?

YES!!! This programme is for all of humanity. These foods are perfectly suited for our digestive system and human beings. This is a healing system. In fact, you will heal your chronic diseases on this lifestyle. Chronic disease is really the results of a poor/excessive lifestyle with processed foods. Any chronic condition will slowly reverse over time, some heal faster than others.