FAQs for 14 Day Challenge

Are the products for this challenge expensive?

Not at all. The weekly planners are designed to save you costs and time. You will receive clear guidelines of what groceries to purchase so that there is nothing wasted.

Is it Herbal Life or Keto-based?

NO!!! IT IS NOT A DIET!! This programme is based on a healing system. It is focused on living mucus lean. Mucus is the primary cause of all disease. That is why all our clients see instant results living mucus free.

Is this programme sustainable?

During the 1st week of your detoxification, we focus on the renewal of the mind process. No lifestyle is sustainable unless the transformation happens through the renewal of the mind.  Romans 12:2. The primary objective of this programme is to assist you to renew your mind. In the end, sustainability will be your choice. It will really depend on how committed you are to this protocol.

Will this programme work for me if I have multiple injuries (i.e lower back, etc)?

“Let food by thy medicine”. We have proof that contestants’ joints, knee and lower back pain do decrease because of the food we eat. The trainers are highly qualified and will give alternative workouts that will assist these problems. The doctor-on-board will prescribe herbs that will definitely be able to help during this challenge. The herbs cost +/- R120 for 30 days. For your joints and lower back, you need fluids so that when you eat lots of fruit and vegetables it lubricates these structures. Your body is dehydrated that is why you have joint and lower back pain. This programme will re-hydrate your spine and joints. It will provide your body with the correct fats to lubricate. That is why we have weekly discussions with our doctor so that we can get a better understanding of how the body works. If you understand how your body works, you will ask me,” Clauds, why didn’t I hear about this years ago?”

What time are the online workouts?

Monday – 18:45 pm
Tuesday – 18:45 pm
Thursday – 18:45 pm
Saturday – 7 am

Is this programme only fruit and vegetables or vegan?

This programme is designed to make you understand that our bodies digestive system is designed to only digest fruit and vegetables. This is a detoxification system only for the period of the challenge. You are welcome to incorporate your other food groups after the challenge if you wish to.

Is there a set meal plan?

Yes, there are weekly planners that guide you on what to eat at what time. There are over 80 recipes provided for you.

How to make payment online?

Follow the step by step guideline on the registration page.

When do I receive access to the programme?

You receive immediate access to the app. Your mentor will make contact with you 5 days before the challenge start. You will be placed into a WhatsApp group where we will transition you for 4 days into the programme.

Is this programme vegan?

NO! It is a detoxification system based on only fruit and vegetable with amazing recipes and structure.

Where does my protein come from on this challenge?

Your body does not need protein, your body makes protein. It might seem like a bunch of technical terminologies that have no real value but the difference between protein and amino acids is of significance here. All amino acids come from nature, only plants make amino acids. Only plants are capable of constructing amino acids. This answers your question, NO your body needs amino acids and plants is the best form of that. Fruit contains between 1% and 2% amino acids.

I suffer from chronic illness. Can I do this programme?

YES!!! This programme is for all of humanity. These foods are perfectly suited for our digestive system and human beings. This is a healing system. In fact, you will heal your chronic diseases on this lifestyle. Chronic disease is really the results of a poor/excessive lifestyle with processed foods. Any chronic condition will slowly reverse over time, some heal faster than others.