Our Story


A few years ago Claudia van Schalkwyk, owner of Urban Beauty and Founder of the Urban Beauty Academy, and her family received some devastating news. They found out that their sister Leony Sonja De Wee was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma. This came as a shock to the family because nobody even knew she was sick.

If anyone looked at Leony, you wouldn’t even say she was sick. She was loud, proud and a very hard worker. But even though she looked healthy on the outside, on the inside the lymphoma was killing her.

Claudia refused to accept it like this.  She believed that there had to be something that she could do to help, so she started doing in-depth research on the disease, trying to understand it and trying to find ways to fight it.

In doing so, she came across numerous articles on nutrition.  She read about how important healthy living is in one’s life and knew she had to do something, anything to help her sister live a little bit longer. She then told Leony that she would have to start changing her lifestyle. That meant she had to change the way she ate and the way she lived. Claudia continued to fight this battle with her sister until the end where she had to say her final goodbyes and lay her sister to rest.

New Beginnings

With the death of Claudia’s sister, the UBA 90 day wellness challenge was born. Claudia realised how important it is to eat and live healthy and that no one just wakes up one day and makes a decision to change their way of life.

The UBA 90 day wellness challenge is offering you as the community an opportunity to transform your life through healing your mind, body and soul.

Everyone deserves to live a longer, happier and healthier life, so why can’t that be you.

We realise that taking that first step and making the decision to lose weight isn’t easy, so we here at Urban Beauty together with our sponsors would like to offer you some help, guidance and support to help you reach your goal weight.

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