Daily Reflection

Daily Review

Stress cannot exist if we simply accept a situation. Say your running late for appointment. The mental/emotional stress of your lateness causes biochemical changes in your body. Its not you being late that causes the stress its your resistance to being late that does.

Actionable Intel

If any stressful situation is hard to accept, then answering the following questions can help you to change, how you think about it.

  1. What’s been stopping you from being stress-free? Have you stopped yourself from relaxing, because you fear not being good enough, not being loved, not getting what you think you want?
  2. How have you benefited from being stressed? What is it that you enjoy doing that you won’t be able to do when the stress disappears?
  3. What do you need to learn in order to let go of the stress now? If not what else do you need to acknowledge.
  4. Why should you free yourself from stress now. How will you benefit by letting go. How will your life be more fulfilled?
  5. Take a moment to feel how it feels to be free of stress. Appreciative thoughts put less stress on the body compared to angry thoughts. It causes smoother coherence and regular heart rhythms, whereas thoughts of anger and frustration cause uneven and irregular heart rhythms.

This highlights how important it is to approach life with a positive and grateful attitude. For each of the areas of your life that you have been getting stressed about, write in your journal all the things you are grateful for instead.

This will help you appreciate what’s right instead of focusing on what’s wrong.

What was my best part of my day?
What have I done today to clear these negative thoughts?
Why should I continue on this challenge?