Morning Ritual

Break Fast

Anytime at 11am: Lympbuster and 1 Tbs of Psyllium Husk ( this is very important). Make sure you don't mix your husk with your entire bottle when you prepare it. It does go very thick and makes the smoothie unpleasant. Only when you are ready to break your fast you will add the tablespoon into your desired smoothie.

Daytime Ritual

Liver Lunch Detox

Small head of cauliflower and broccoli grilled with some rosemary and sage. Tossed on a bed of baby leave spinach. Add a half cup of grated baby marrows. Peppers with a tahini dressing. Dressing: tahini sauce (Woolies or Clicks), lemon juice, honey and pinch of garlic mix in blender.

Daytime Mind Ritual

Go over your Toxic To-do List as outlined in your Daytime Mind Ritual.

Evening Ritual

Dinner with Family

Aubergine and sweet potato salad bowl: Thinly slice the aubergines and fry it in very little coconut oil until brown. Grill the sweet potato and arrange the aubergine and grilled sweet potato with tomato and cucumbers and chopped mint on a bed of butter lettuce. For dressing, you can use any dressing in the recipe book or tahini again.

Workout Session

Get ready for your home work out, click on the video in the app and start sweating. Wear your t-shirt, take videos and send it back to Claudia. Remember there is a point and rewards system on the app that will apply once you send you video back.

Detox Booster

Refer to your recommended Detox Booster Products for the evening.


Prepping for the Next week.
Every Sunday, you will prep for the week ahead. So prepare your Lymphbuster, your daytime power snacks, and do your weekly reflection. Remember to go over your workout schedule as well and double check your grocery stocks for the week ahead. Stay focused, organised and motivated!