Week 5 – Daily Reflection

Prayer Journal

You are what you think you are, this week you are going to boost your self image. Your unconscious mind is designed to do what its told. If you think about yourself as passionate, confident, creative then over time your mind will help you to be that person. However, the same if you think you are timid, unhealthy always failing or going to fail on this challenge.

Prayer Journal

Write down a positive statement about yourself in your Prayer Journal. Choose some powerful words to say something about yourself. Example… Claudia, you are a powerful inspirational leader who steps up and changes people lives…I can use all the words below. I love myself:

Use some of these words to describe yourself:
Incredible, passionate, beautiful, powerful, dynamic, joyful, generous, energetic, gorgeous, strong, decisive, legendary, unstoppable, curious, fabulous, special, sexy, loving, funny, interesting, extraordinary, giving, adventurous, creative, energised, stunning, resourceful, inspiring, exotic, wealthy, happy, honest, kind, superb, helpful, wise…

What would you like to be:
Leader, winner, helper, listener, teacher, coach, guide, lover, friend, role model, artist, achiever, entertainer, trainer, soulmate, champion, team player, mother, father, public speaker, hero, millionaire, icon…

Your qualities:
Inspires others, steps up, motivates, love unconditionally, accepts others, gets results, listens loves life, succeed…

TIP: Always base your self-image on your attention rather then your mistakes. This is liberating because instead of identifying yourself with low points in your life, you focus on the highest intentions.

  • What was my best part of my day?
  • What have I done today to clear these negative thoughts?
  • Why should I continue on this challenge?