Week 4 – Daily Reflection

Daily Review

This week’s focus will be on clearing out toxic emotions. You may have noticed yourself becoming very emotional during the detox program. As you clear physical toxins it is normal to have emotional toxins come to the surface to clear. Emotions only become a problem when you don’t allow yourself to feel them. So this week we are going to allow feelings to flow. Clearing toxic emotions often requires you to THINK differently about those things that you have had problems with. Lets start detoxing those negative emotions.

Prayer Journal

This takes 2 min:

Step 1 – RELAX your upper body, upper abdominal area, it can become very tense through the buildup of unresolved toxic emotions. Breathe deeply by expanding your belly and letting your diaphragm drop. This movement will allow your emotions to flow thru your body.

Step 2 – ACKNOWLEDGE and ACCEPT your emotions existence. If you don’t ,there is a possibility it could get stuck again. Accept the feelings and energy and experience them without having to change them in anyway.

Step 3 – TELL your unconscious mind what emotions you want, for example if you feel anxious and nervous, then say, I am calm, confident and content as if this is how you already feel,

Step 4 – If that toxic emotion remains this means your unconscious mind is not convinced. Letting go of them is the safest and healthiest thing for you do it right now using the following questions to clear them.

For example: If you are feeling angry towards someone, then you may now be aware that you are only hurting yourself by making yourself angry and if you had been more compassionate towards the other person, you would never have become angry in the first place.

What have you been pretending not to know in order to keep negative emotions? For example: if you are feeling guilty about something you may have been pretending not to know that you can
learn from your perceived mistakes. Knowing this can help you to stop regretting the past, and instead plan for best future.

What you need to learn in order to let go of negative emotions: if you are feeling anxious about what another person may think of you, then you may need to acknowledge that you only want to surround yourself with people who love you for who you are.

  • What was your best part of your day?
  • What have you’ve done today to clear your emotional toxins?
  • Why should you continue on this challenge tomorrow?