Week 3 – Daily Reflection

Daily Review

Your thoughts affects every cell in your body, so you can change your body by cleaning your mind of the toxic thoughts. Your unconscious mind helps you to make thoughts reality, so if you think “I’M FAT”, for example, then your unconscious mind will do everything it can to help you to be fat. You then have to make sure that your thoughts reflect what you want .

Prayer Journal

In your Prayer Journal please write down the conclusions you have come to about your body, your personality, your skills and abilities, relationships, money, career, health, and so on.  To help you complete the following in your Prayer Journal, start with:

  • I always…
  • I never feel…
  • I’m too…
  • I’ll never…
  • It’s hard to…
  • My body…

Example: I always eat food for comfort or, I’m too old to start my own business or, Its too hard to eat healthy.

Now write down what you think comes to mind when you think about the following:

  • Family and friends
  • Love and intimacy
  • Career and work
  • Money and wealth

If there was any negative thoughts in your list you can now come to new ones. To clear a toxic thought all you need to do is to clear the emotion from it, separate the emotion from the thought. Force your mind to come to a new conclusion.

  1. Relax your upper body solar plexus, breath deeply.
  2. Ask yourself, “if I knew what I know now, and if you had known this in the past, would I ever have come to the old conclusion in the 1st place?”. You may find that the emotion disappears.
  3. Ask yourself what you have been pretending not to know in order to keep the old conclusion going in your mind.
  4. Finally ask yourself what you need to acknowledge to be certain that the old conclusion has now served its purpose and its gone.
  5. Don’t you think the new conclusion will serve your body better? Let go of the old conclusion it is stopping you from living your best life my dear.
  • What was the best part of your day?
  • What have you done today to clear another TOXIC thought off your list?
  • Why should you continue your life on this challenge tomorrow?