Morning Ritual

The last 20 days of 90 days. Focus on doing the programme 100 percent.

Do your meditation and click on your motivational message.

Break Your Fast

If you are not doing a 24 hour fast, break your fast anytime from 12 am. No earlier. Choose whatever you prefer... Lymphbuster with 1 tablespoon husk and 1 tablespoon hempseed powder with smoothie. NB... 1 Litre ... or celery / pineapple / cucumber / kale / spinach / apple (insulin resistant contestants I suggest having this)

Daytime Ritual

Liver Lunch Detox

1 cup of spinach/kale mixed with 1 cup of roasted veggies and half avocado. No NUTS this week please. I will post a picture of what your plate must look like.

Daytime Mind Ritual

Rewrite your toxic list today, notice what is still on that list. Work towards shifting those toxic people and thoughts through the last 20 days. Stay disciplined every afternoon to do that.

Evening Ritual

Go back and start from week 2 evening ritual again. I am sure there is some of us that haven't done 1 week completely. Its NEVER to late. And if there is some if us that has done ALL the evening ritual we can NEVER be perfect. Let's Do it again and reflect back again.

Dinner with Family

Big fat smoothie: kale / spinach / frozen banana / hempseed / date and water. Make a nice big one. One before exercise one after exercise. Please try to get as much detox tea in as possible.

Workout Session

Prepare for your gym session, take our yoga mat along, wear your t-shirt and you may have a small amount of water.

Detox Booster

Refer to your recommended Detox Booster Products for the evening.


Prepping for the Next week.
Every Sunday, you will prep for the week ahead. So prepare your Lymphbuster, your daytime power snacks, and do your weekly reflection. Remember to go over your workout schedule as well and double check your grocery stocks for the week ahead. Stay focused, organised and motivated!