I chose to end this challenge with a motivation written by my spiritual mentor. She is such an extraordinary woman, loves God unconditionally. I asked her to write me the last day and motivate you by saying good luck on this journey.

Well, I never thought I would be able to write 90 days of motivations, just like you never thought you will stay without coffee for 90 days. I discovered so much of ME and I am sure this journey has brought you more joy than sorrow. From me to you.


Motivation from Liesel:

Throughout the Bible, God’s Love for you and I is demonstrated through the story of redemption. From Adam, to Moses, Abraham and the names go on, we find examples of great trust and extreme failures. The Psalms are full of David’s highs and lows. All recorded for us, to relate to.

Throughout the Bible, which is our compass through life – it has never stated that God forsook his people. In Obedience God rewards and in disobedience people quickly say he punishes, but that’s not so – He lovingly corrects, that is after The Cross. After the cross – you and I have so much to gain! So many promises are rightly ours!

When we struggle with a certain issue – we are promised victory over it! i.e: God gives us tools and guidlines. He doesn’t leave us without power unable to defend ourselves. He even strategically places people on our path to educate us, empower us AND literally accompanies us on the journey to victory. We know what fruits The Holy Spirit will produce in us when we let Him lead, we know the Armour of God is serious and we are expected to use it. we know that Forgiveness sets us free. We know the more we read the Word for ourselves, old mentalities fall off. We also know sacrifice is way too hard sometimes but in the end it will be worth it. We know that Faith means having a good opinion about God!

Throughout all of this, the most valuable thing God has for us is our own free will. He did not want robots. He has angels. He’ll never force his love and will upon anyone who does not want it. He delights when we choose Him. He sings songs over us when we are obedient. He rejoices when we call on Him on bad days and good days! Let us always remember, that after everything we have been taught, we have a choice. To go back to old habits or push to break through into new ones. God once taught me this the hard way and I believe it will help you:

  1. We can choose anything we’d like to! We can tailor-make our choices that suits us best – BUT
  2. We CANNOT choose the consequences that come with those choices.
    And that surely is food for thought everyday!

Day 90 Mental Health Tip

Today, living your BLESSED life begins!