Imagine the belt of the Roman soldiers. They used this belt as a hanger to support several additional pieces of their armor. The Roman soldiers used the belt to tuck in their tunic and this prevented them from tripping during a fight.

The interesting thing is that the soldiers’ belt does not only stabilise the other pieces of their armor but it carries some of the weight as well.

That is why we need to consider the TRUTH as our hanger. Truth is our starting point, it’s our core support. It provides the essential backing you need when you’re in the midst of a spiritual war. Remember, I am going to remind you again! Your fight is not against the person or circumstance in the circle.

STEP 1 – Write down the following scripture word by word in your Prayer Journal – John 8:32

STEP 2 – Thinking about the verse you just wrote down, and what you have learnt so far about the belt of the soldier, how would you process and summarise what these two tell you? In your own words, nothing fancy. Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

When God wants to move you forward to the next level in your life, he may require you to tuck in your tunic. Let go of things that is not truthful in your life. When you are ready to submit, true FREEDOM awaits you. You cannot advance against the enemy successfully unless you are prepared to submit to God’s truth.

Without truth… without an absolute, non-negotiable standard, there is NO real divine liberty.

STEP 3 – Why does legalism CONFINE, and the truth set you FREE? I know, tough question, but give it some thought and write down your thoughts in your Prayer Journal. (Nice discussion for our next team meetings).

STEP 4 – What are some other things in your life, even good things, that needs to be “tucked away” to keep you moving forward and evolving on this challenge? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

As much as we don’t like how the belt of truth restricts us from our own desires, it is meant to un-bundle a whole new world of opportunities for us. It helps us to really hold steady in times of trouble .

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Day 9 Mental Health Tip

Good thing is, the truth is on your side.