For those of you who really entered into a true spirit-filled, fully surrendered walk with the Lord, where he’s now leading your life in the direction that he will want it to go – one of the things that you will find happening, is that God will start pruning out the people that he does not want in your life, and starts to bring in the people that he does want in your life.

The scripture tells us “choose your friends very carefully” in this life. The bible tells us “he who walks with the wise people will become wise himself, but he who keeps company with fools will be destroyed”. The bible tells us to stay away from people who are considered to be “dogs” and to beware of people who are “evil workers”.

I love how God started setting boundaries in my life when I first started to serve him or, should I say, in full surrender with him. He will now decide the path that you will follow Him in. He will lead you into specific jobs that He wants you to have in this life. If you are single and not married yet, He will lead you into a partnership He wants you to marry into if it is in His perfect will that you get married in this lifetime. Believe me, he wanted me to be married to Emile, I had all these ideas for my life. I never ever thought in my wildest dreams that this is what I would be doing. (writing motivational messages) BUT, if I married another man I probably would have been far gone – lost. God knows best.

And once my boundary lines started going up, one of the first things that God will do is to decide who is going to fall into those boundary lines and who will fall out.

In other words, God will decide who your true friends are going to be in this life and who will not.

Remember, the main reason God will help you choose who your true friends are going to be in this life is because His ultimate and highest aim for you is to transform and sanctify you. He knows some of these people will have a negative influence in your life. They may not be open and mature in the Lord like you want.

#chooseyourfriendscarefully #herewego

Day 82 Mental Health Tip

Avoid people who don’t respect your choices.