How do you handle negative feelings such as anger, bitterness, and the desire to seek revenge?

And sometimes outright hatred towards someone who has viciously wronged you? How do you handle these negative emotions, when some drunk driver just caused an accident you were involved in? Someone just abducted and killed your daughter or son… Your husband who has been physically abusing you for years in your marriage. How do you control all this?

Some scam artist just stole your savings, or you found out your husband cheated on you.

How we handle these types of adversities and how we bounce back from them will determine the quality of life we live within the time we still have left on earth.

If you do not get a grip on these negative emotions when they start to try and settle on the inside of you, as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing, then these negative emotions will start to eat you up alive in the same way cancer will eat and ravage a human body.

These negative emotions will steal most, if not ALL your joy, love, peace, that you have obtained as a result of your close walk with the Lord.

Some of us get really mad at God, and our relationship with God takes a big hit. We ask questions like “God, how can you allow this to happen?” How can one possibly get a grip on some of the above scenarios where some of the attacks are so evil.

In order to truly forgive someone, and enable us to truly let them go into God’s hands, where we can get inner healing from all these negative emotions that have built up over the course of the time, we need to do the following:

The bigger picture…

You need to step away from the problem and try to see the big picture. The bottom line is the following… The time we spend with each other on earth is just a blink of an eye compared to the time that you will be spending in eternity once we die and cross over. Heaven is eternity.

The bible tells me that vengeance belongs to the Lord – not to us!

It is God’s job and responsibility to right all of the wrongs ever done to us in this lifetime – not ours. God will be getting even for you!!

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Day 82 Mental Health Tip

The truth is not always what it seems, but what it is!