Now that you have done all the 6 steps, I suggest that you try to do this battle prayer when you are alone at home. As this will be a battle between you, God, and these demons. However, if you would prefer to have someone with you that is okay too.

I would say all of this prayer out aloud, as demons cannot read your mind or thoughts. The first part of the prayer will be you going before God the Father to confess out aloud the sins of your father or family member. You would then fully forgive the family member for the sin they have committed against you. Once that is done you will fully break the curse line that may have been formed between you and the family member. I would also say break every soul tie that was made between you and the family member by saying it out aloud. The demons feed and operate on soul ties so it is very important to break these ties.

The next step is to VERBALLY turn around and cast the demons out speaking it out aloud. While doing that I would hold the prayer in your left hand and hold out your right hand against the demons, as you are commanding them to leave you. The bible says the right hand of God the Father is his hand of deliverance and power. As His child you have the right to use your right hand to do so, almost like wielding a sword. I like to say this two or three times over, you can do as you feel.


Father, after examining my life and the background I have grown up in, I believe these demons may be coming from and originating from my original family tree. And for some reason these demons have followed me. I want to come against those legal rights that these demons believe they have on me, and fully break them in Jesus name.

The first thing I want to do is fully confess the sins of this family member, even if I don’t know exactly what all of them are at this stage. I want to confess them before You as a result of what Your word has told us to do on this matter. Father I also want to forgive them for all their transgressions towards me, and now I fully forgive him/her. I now pray against the curse line in my family and break it in Jesus name.

As you hold out your right hand, you pray Father I now pray the blood of Jesus over my family. I fully believe that you have driven every single demon out and that all soul ties are broken and the curse line is broken. I have full faith and believe that the victory is now ours.

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Day 81 Mental Health Tip

When we pray we are demonstrating our belief in a power that is greater than our own.