Once the line of curses has been fully broken, the demons will have nothing left to hold onto, and you will now be able to verbally engage with them and command them to leave you now in the name of JESUS.

Remember what we learned a few weeks back, that the word of God is our sword. You directly engage with demons by VERBALLY commanding them. If you try to verbally command the demons to leave you without completing the previous steps I have explained in the previous days, their legal rights will not have been properly revoked and they will not leave.

You must first make sure that you have properly completed all 5 steps before you can actually step into the arena with these demons to command them to leave you now in Jesus name.

Tomorrow I will do the prayer with you.

#verbalcommand #herewego

Day 80 Mental Health Tip

A command FORCES the recipient to act in accordance with the content of the command.