We get different kinds of soul ties. Soul ties between siblings, between parents and children. I have an amazing soul tie with my sisters. Thank God for that. We have a special bond that I will not change for the world and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I remember during Leony’s passing, Bridgette, Fallin and I were surrounding her and I prayed her last prayer. “Father take her hand and guide her further”. That is why the loss of a soul tie is so extremely painful, because a part of our soul flees from us.

However a soul tie can also be a bad one, where the personal relationship becomes dysfunctional with one person becoming the dominant and abusive one in the relationship, and the other person the submissive one who is being abused.

What happens in the spiritual realm is that when one person is being severely abused and dominated by the other, an ungodly and unhealthy soul tie can develop. So when you go into prayer battle make sure that you break these soul ties in your prayer.

Although you are biological attached to the family member you can still break the soul tie on earth. The bible tells us to choose your friends in this life. Just because your sinning or abusive family member is your natural family, does not mean that you have to stay spiritually attached to them.

If you are willing to fully break any ungodly and unhealthy soul ties that may have developed and formed over the years between you and any family then you will now be ready for your next step.

#breaksoulties #herewego

Day 79 Mental Health Tip

If you think abstinence are hard, try breaking a soul tie.