I know it is suppose to be the end of this week focusing on generational curses, but this topic is way too interesting to cut short. Let’s look at step two that must be done for you to claim victory over any generational curses in your bloodline.


The next thing you are going to do is fully confess the sins of your sinning family member to God. You will see in the scripture below, God is wanting you to acknowledge and then confess out those sins directly to him.

STEP 1 – Go to Leviticus 26:40,42 and write down this scripture in your Prayer Journal.

Why would God want you to confess out the sins of your father/mother or uncle or any family member when you had nothing to do with their sin in the first place?

I believe the main reason is that God wants you to know exactly why these demons are coming after you in the first place, and that reason is due to the severity of the sins your sinning family members have committed against God. He wants you to have full knowledge as to what is going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm, and by confessing out what sins you know your sinning family members committed, you are showing him that you have knowledge and understanding that these original sins are what caused all of the events to occur in your life.

If you can trace back through your family line any type of heavier sin or sins that your grandparents may have been involved in, please also confess those sins. Call your mom or dad today and ask them that question 😊 even if you can trace the sins of your great grandparents, then that is even better.

At the end of all the steps, I will do a prayer with everyone to assist us with these steps.

We are stepping into week twelve, our last week of this challenge. Give it your best shot guys!!

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Day 77 Mental Health Tip

Confession is like the veggies we use to sweep away the dirt, that leaves the surface brighter and clearer.