Fasting is one of the most difficult disciplines, so if you are not making it through 24 hours then please don’t beat yourself up about it. Take it easy and start reading about the benefits of fasting. Here is a list I found in Isaiah 58 and this makes me want to push through every time. So maybe try reading the below the morning of your fast.

  1. To loosen the bonds of wickedness, which means bonds of addictiveness in families.
  2. God will take away yokes of depression, fasting takes away anxiety, oppression and depression.
  3. The spirit that keeps you in darkness will disappear, and his light will guide you.
  4. Your life will break forth in the morning, restoration and healing will spring forth because of fasting.
  5. You will call and the Lord will answer you.
  6. You will cry and God will say here I am, His presence shall be with you.
  7. He will renew your strength.
  8. You will possess ALL the promises.
  9. Your healing shall spring forth speedily.
  10. The Lord will guide you and continually satisfy your desires.

If I read all these benefits I want to fast every day of my life. It’s better than playing the lotto. Let us end this week of fasting with another 24 hour fast.

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Day 68 Mental Health Tip

Our souls need fasting as much as our bodies need food.