Two of our strongest desires are FOOD and SEX!!! So I can understand that yesterday’s 24 hour fast, refraining from food, was not easy. I am eager to hear how it went. Please pop me a message, because today I would like to give you some insight around the unbelievable results we can get by just obeying God’s word.

We believe NOTHING is impossible with God, right? So if you believe that, how do you start living in the realm of possibilities? How can we start seeing the provision for our lives? How can we start claiming our inheritance? What is the key to opening the doors of wealth and prosperity? GIVING, FASTING, PRAYER, and again GIVING!!

Here is your secret source to the incredible results you can achieve. Let’s learn, because if we don’t have knowledge we will perish!

STEP 1 – My favourite scripture again, Go to Matthew 6 and write down the 3 duties/headings of each passage in your Prayer Journal.

If we put all these things together then nothing is impossible with Him. He does not look at your bank account, he does not look at your skin colour. He says “if you do these 3 things, I will grant you anything your heart desires!” Wow!!

Giving: Giving is so important to God. To give to the needy and to give in secret. He says “if you give in secret, I will reward you publicly”. He will give to you in abundance, 100 folds back, because you give with a free heart.

Prayer: You know how to do this now. We had an entire 60 days around praying. You should be praying like a warrior by now. You can’t heap up empty phrases, God says “pray with a strategy”. Because the Father knows what you need before you ask him.

Fast: And WHEN you fast, Not IF you fast. The bible says “WHEN you fast”. This tells me it is a command. Fasting loosens the wickedness. It frees ourselves from wickedness and our family members.

If we want to have victory and see breakthrough in our families and live in abundance, then GIVING, PRAYING and FASTING should be part of our lifestyle.

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Day 67 Mental Health Tip

GIVING is your love for others. PRAYER is your love for God. FASTING is your love for yourself.