When heaven is shut up and your prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling, fasting may be the one thing you can do to get answers from God. When the clock is ticking and you must have an answer it’s time to change your game plan. Fasting is for those who need a miracle, but it’s also a foundational teaching of the bible.

STEP 1 – Write down your pledge for this week. Your miraculous answer you are waiting for.

Please be aware that when you set your mind on fasting, be prepared to expect resistance, interference and opposition. Have a plan.

DO NOT be caught unaware.
Remember that you are attempting to advance in your spiritual journey, NOT WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY.
You are busy taking ground away from the enemy.
No great movement from the Holy Spirit goes unchallenged by the enemy.

STEP 2 – Find yourself a prayer partner in your group, message her/him privately to share and intercede with you.

STEP 3 – Go to Matthew 18:19 and read what God says about praying together.

It is important to remember that fasting is a physical discipline. Everyone on this challenge can fast at least 1 day. There is no one that has a medical condition that cannot fast, but your mindset needs to be ready. The fasting is a tool that may be used to glorify God and help you realise answers to your prayers.

During your 24 hour fast, you should try to abstain from any social media, try not to be in conversation with anyone unless you really need to. I know we all are working, but for this day, try to be very quiet and allow God to speak to you. Make time during your working day to go to the bathroom and pray. A quick prayer just to reflect on what your sacrifice is for. Become aware of the fact that you are giving God a gift today, be excited about it. Don’t tell the entire world that you are fasting. Nobody must see on your lips or eyes that you are fasting.

I know when we are without food we get really grumpy, but you’re not allowed to get grumpy!! Instead allow God to fill you up. God will then pour his presence upon you.

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Day 66 Mental Health Tip

I am learning to TRUST the journey of fasting even though I do not understand it.