God loves a sacrifice, but we are not just getting things from God by fasting. We fast as a lifestyle, because we know it pleases God when we meet him in worship. Fasting is an expression of the heart of gratitude and a life lived totally dependent upon him. I fast to demonstrate to God that I want to separate myself from the clutches and lusts of the world. Fasting and holiness go hand in hand for me. Fasting will broaden your understanding and motivate you to fast for your own spiritual breakthroughs.

Fasting has fallen into such widespread misuse that people do not know its power. So let me tell you what happened to me. We were frustrated with renting homes and needed to move almost every year. I really wanted to own my own house, so we did the application and it was declined with 3 banks. The last bank just didn’t come back to us, it took longer than usual. I went into 3 days of fasting and prayed for a positive outcome. My husband and the agent couldn’t understand why this bank was taking so long. Normally they take 2 to 3 days, but this took almost 6 days. The last day of my fast, I opened my email and there it was APPROVED.

Of course, I am not going to guarantee that every circumstance in your life can be “fixed” by fasting. I do, however, insist that our modern people need to take another look at why this classic spiritual sacrifice has been neglected in our day.

Fasting is a COMMAND.

STEP 1 – Read my favourite scripture in the bible, Mathew 9:15 and make notes in your Prayer Journal about why you think it was a command, from Jesus, for us to fast.

I know fasting does not only draw us closer to God, but it can also have beneficial results in the lives of your family/friends with deep needs.

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Day 65 Mental Health Tip

A fast is NOT a hunger strike. Fasting submits to God’s commands. A hunger strike makes God submit to your command.