When I found out Leony was diagnosed with cancer, I researched every single remedy under the sun. I found this amazing lady called Alexander Cousins that is currently our detoxification specialist on the programme. She told me about living mucus-free and what other options there are available to heal your body naturally. She also challenged me to do a master fast with her. I only lasted 14 days, but she went on to 40 days without food. However, when I grew up, my father used to fast for 3 days per week every week for his family and his business, and so I can still see the effects of my father’s sacrifices manifesting in my life – because in the bible it says “If you obey me, the blessings will fall upon your children and your children’s children.”

This week allow me to open your mindset around fasting. I know some of you say “fasting does not work for me”. I had a conversation with my designer the other day and he said the following, I quote:

“People have this way of thinking that fasting is habitual and that when we fast, we are just doing what needs to be done as a routine. BUT, they forget about the intimacy of worship and the joy of praise. How can you fast without that? Then it is just another DIET. You are just skipping a meal or two. Only when you become dependent on the word of God as your bread and can get drunk on the spirit during worship, will you see all that he has done. If your fear overcomes you, you will never step into the awe of God’s grace, and without that, you are fighting in your own strength, which takes you nowhere. That to me is how it works!!!”. Well said, Jody!

And that is the truth…

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Day 64 Mental Health Tip

Fasting has become a lifestyle that unlocks heaven’s doors and slams shut the gates of hell.