We spend a lot of time cleansing ourselves from the filthiness of the flesh, lust, anger and addictions, but what is really needed is the cleansing of the heart. God has planted seeds in every one of us. Your mind is the ground where the seed is planted, that is good when it’s positive seeds of life, seeds of healing and restoration. But it is bad when it’s negative seeds such as unforgiveness and pride.

That seed only grows bigger and bigger over the years. What we need to realise is that Jesus died on the cross for our forgiveness. Everybody on this challenge has been forgiven. That is the victory right there. You are not on this challenge because you deserve it, you are here because you have been forgiven. Isn’t it funny how you are forgiven, but find it difficult to forgive?

The challenge is, God wants you to be a conduit through which his character flows through. In 1 Corinthians, Paul wrote that we should comfort one another with the comfort where we have been comforted.

I can remember when I was young, I used to ask Leony, “show me how to kiss, I want to learn”. She would always reply by saying, “Don’t worry, whatever he does to you just do it back”. Just like “monkey see, monkey do”.

God says, “Whatever I do to you, do it back. Even if you don’t know how to do it. Imitate me.”

If I comfort you, you comfort them.

If I bless you, you bless them.

If I teach you, you teach them.

If I show you compassion, you show compassion towards them.

If I have forgiven you, forgive those who hurt you.

#seedofforgiveness #herewego

Day 61 Mental Health Tip

Plant seeds of forgiveness in your heart and witness how freedom blooms.