The importance of repentance is very hard to overlook, after all Jesus’ first exhortation was to repent. (see Mark1:15) and if it was that high on Jesus list we should make it that important too.

Its easier said then done. Where does one start? We start by being honest about the need to repent. How happy is the man the Lord does not charge with sin, and in whose spirit there is no deceit. Repentance requires honesty. No one comes to God with true repentance in their heart unless they first acknowledge their need for forgiveness and reconciliation with him. Only those who really try very hard to cover up their sin with self-righteousness and deceit can experience the deep and lasting change that only comes through repentance.

We need to, secondly, acknowledge the danger of sin and the damage guilt causes. Lets admit it, you were seeking repentance, because Gods Holy Spirit was convicting you. We often blame others for our stress and general moodiness. But many times we feel bad, because we have been doing bad. David described physical and emotional symptoms associated with a guilty conscience. We must honestly start to assess the consequences of our sin, which means assessing both personal consequences and the impact it has on our life.

Deep repentance demands full confession. Though it seems counter-intuitive. The only way to be truly covered by Christ is to fully expose your sin. In the process of repentance we must fight to be fully transparent about the depth of our sin. I know He knows it all already, but he wants us to repent it all. Only ruthless honesty will suffice and will lead us into complete joy.

We often hide behind self-made righteousness in order to make ourselves appear more acceptable than we really are. Adam and Eve also hid away from God in the garden, because they were so ashamed of their sin. In order for us to change, really change, which by the way is the true mark of repentance, then we must HIDE in God alone.

How can we be sure God will forgive us of ALL of our sins? Look at the promises he made in the bible.

  • His PROMISED to Adam and Eve to crush the enemy.
  • His PROMISED to Abraham to claim and protect a people.
  • His PROMISED to Moses to provide a way for sinful men and women to fully connect to our Holy God.

All throughout history – right on up to the moment when we repent, God has been saying and continues to say. “I love you”, “I will not fail you”, “I am all you need”.

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Day 53 Mental Health Tip

The soul may ask God for anything.