Congratulations on reaching the half way mark! You can truly say, “THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO THIS DAY 45. 😊 Celebrate!!

In order to become a policeman, one has to go to the police training academy. That is where they learn about firearms and law enforcement. It requires early morning rising and dedication and concentration to learn the ability to use a firearm effectively. A policeman has to understand the correct handling of the firearm, how to hold it and what bullets to use in it.

This week we are going into training camp, let’s get to know our weapon.

You can’t go into a fight without knowing how to hold a sword. In order to win a fight you need to understand how your weapon works. You have to make time to train, you need to put it in your diary as an appointment and treat it as a meeting, otherwise you will not make your training hours. Am I right?

STEP 1 – Go to the book of Joshua 1:8 and write this scripture in your Prayer Journal.

Our lives are busy. We are running around in a battlefield not knowing how to use our weapon, ducking and diving. Wait, here comes another bullet, let’s put that under the blanket, oops another one!!! Let us hide this one under my jacket! NOOOOOO!! You need to understand the word of God better and use the scriptures to shoot back the flaming arrows. The more time you will spend with the word the better understanding you will get.

I just want to say, this training camp takes a lifetime, it is a continuous search for more information on how to fight the enemy. When I first entered this camp I was lazy like hell, I couldn’t understand the bible, it was very, very difficult and it still is. But I know more than what I knew 4 years ago. I came to a point where I had to own up to understanding this battlefield. That means “Clauds, you will have to make time to understand your weapon”. There are no shortcuts to any important life-changing endeavours. Undertaking this challenge is serious.

#starttraining #herewego

Day 45 Mental Health Tip

"Meditate on my word day and night and you shall be successful"