We have come to the end of week 6, what a feeling, hey?

STEP 1 – Write this down in your Prayer Journal, how does it make you feel knowing that you made it this far with this challenge?

Even though failure was your biggest fear, do you still feel the fear of failure will hold you back in future?

Before you start crafting your strategy for week 7, answer this first.

STEP 2 – If you have uncovered negative thought patterns in your life this week, can you pinpoint a specific event in your life that may have given the enemy ample opportunity to perpetuate (my new favourite word) them? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

If you feel comfortable start sharing this with your team, or with someone you trust. You never know how your sharing will help someone else.

I have something personal to share today .I had a very hard time in high school, like for real. In 1991 when we moved from Mitchells Plain to Kuils River it was predominantly white. I was scared and didn’t know what to expect at my new school. I will never forget it. I walked across the big field and there was, everyone staring at me. Like I was from another planet, like they have never seen a black person with “kroes hare”. I was so anxious and scared. I sat alone for the first two weeks, I rarely wore my true feelings on my sleeve, (which made the struggle even worse). I was adamant “Ek gaan nie kombuis Afrikaans praat nie, I want to talk proper Afrikaans”. I started rounding my words, I can remember my late sister Leony asking, “nee jirre colla, wat gaan met jou aan, maak oop jou mond, ek verstaan niks wat jy se nie”.

Weeks later I was only accepted by two girls, called Adele and Marlene for whom I will always be grateful. 1 year passed, where I started forming connections through sports with other groups, but was not really accepted as one of them. That is when the feeling of rejection crept deeply into my soul.

STEP 3 – Write this down if it has happened to you – have you ever been:

  • Belittled by peers?
  • Ignored by parents?
  • Abused at the hand of someone you trusted?
  • Hurt by a man?
  • Crippled by grief or the loss of a love one?
  • Bullied when you were younger?
  • Betrayed by a friend?
  • Be disregarded at every angle?

I have realised the enemy will always COATTAILS my negative experiences and sends them right into the centre of my mind. In my case, for example, the enemy made me believe I was unacceptable by certain groups. Oh boy, he had a field day with that during my high school years, making me constantly feel the need to prove my value in the hope that everyone will accept me. It’s a really exhausting way to live, and it wasn’t until my early thirties that I could clearly see this pattern and could clearly see why I was behaving that way.

Since then, I have been determine daily to be vigilant and go to war for my mind. Now, I am aware of the triggers. I particularly challenge myself not to say or do anything that will originate from a place of insecurity. I train and discipline my mind not to seek validation from any person or group of people. I try to stay focused knowing that I own my inheritance from my heavenly father and that I am leading this challenge, from a position of value and my worth in Christ.

For the next seven days, let us try not to say or do anything in response to feelings of insecurity, fear, or really anything that is out of alignment with your TRUE IDENTITY in Christ. You might be surprised at how quiet you become.

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Day 42 Mental Health Tip

Your mind activates the triggers for your brain to choose your path.