In the old Roman days, did you know that they had to buy their own Helmets. It was the most expensive armor. Only those who were wealthy enough to buy their own were able to secure themselves. So the poor went into the battle unprotected because they simply couldn’t afford it.

How would you feel going into a battle without a helmet?

Of course, having a helmet is a confidence builder. It provides the security of protection in the midst of heated battle. The good news is that we never have to be without our helmet. The price for our helmet has been paid in full. What a shame if we ever went into battle again without it and the full benefits package that comes with that.

Remember, I told you way in the beginning that you will become your own neuroplastic surgeon. We know that our thoughts are real and that our thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts are active, they grow and they change. Everytime you have a thought it actively changes in your brain and in your body – for better or for worse.

Did you hear that? For better or worse, you get to decide which side you will swing towards.

The next scripture is what this challenge is ALL about…

STEP 1 – Turn to Romans 12:2 and write this scripture down in your Prayer Journal.

The scripture is a power packed battle plan for our defense against the enemy. Paul tell us how to transform our thinking and put on the helmet of salvation. I think I can put it down to 3 keys mission objectives

  • Step 1: identify the toxic thought pattern – that we have done already. Are you still continuing detoxing your toxic thoughts?
  • Step 2: confess – the thought process is important to confess and agree with God about your responsibility in helping to construct strongholds.
  • Step 3: dismantle – By taking your thoughts captive, this I explained to you during week 1 already. This is an active consignment, taking every thought captive. Remember this is a strong force we are dealing with here, some that can only be shifted with consistency. It requires force and power.

Listen to me, It will come down. No matter how long or how difficult this challenge has been for you,your vigilance in this area of your life will pay off, because God himself will see to it.

STEP 2 – In what practical way will your life be different if these strongholds were torn down and replaced with wholeness and health? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

The effect of your commitment will not only be felt in your spiritual life but in all areas, because neuroscience is catching up to the bible.

#staycommitted #herewego

Day 40 Mental Health Tip

Your mind can only lead you, it cannot make you do it.