This helmet of salvation, positioned to fit snug, is representative of high value items that are ours in Him, our inheritance in Christ. Choosing not to wear it means leaving our minds exposed, unprotected, like people who don’t even own a helmet.

STEP 1 – From the following verses, what keeps the mind function in optimal health and victory? Write this down in your Prayer Journal:

  • Isaiah 26:3-4
  • 1 Corinthians 14:20
  • 1 Peter 1:13-16
  • Romans 8:6-7

I explained in the beginning, how important a healthy brain is to function. If your brain is impaired, your body will also be impaired. No matter how healthy the individual parts of your body may be. And what the brain is to the body, your mind is to your soul. It is the spiritual expression of your brain. The control centre > if your mind doesn’t send out healthy impulses, your soul will not respond in healthy ways. This is why the enemy works so diligently to cripple you through negative thoughts and unhealthy patterns of imagination.

STEP 2 – Look at the following chart that exposes some of the enemy’s most common attacks on our minds. Write down in your Prayer Journal the effect this feeling has on you, both emotional and behavioural.


  • I am unworthy
  • I am unloved
  • I am incapable
  • I am unforgivable
  • I am unknown
  • I am a mistake
  • Other

STEP 3 – Which of these thought patterns best describes the thoughts you struggle with? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 4 – Do you struggle with uncontrolled fantasy life < describe those runaway thoughts. Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

The health of your mind has everything to do with your overall ability to function properly, both emotionally and behaviourally. When your mind isn’t thinking like someone who wears salvation, your conscience (which is part of your soul remember) fails to turn on the direction of the spirit.

You are an HEIR, Okay? You don’t need to feel like you are not worthy. Your lifestyle should reflect your true inheritance which will enable you to live a spiritual life of abundance and grace. It is the helmet of protection for your head, for your mind. Put it on and you will begin to see a rise in your standards of living right away.

#keepthathelmeton #herewego

Day 39 Mental Health Tip

Protect and change your mindset, change your life