So I promised myself, “Claud’s your daily motivation days must be kept short and sweet and still get the message across, but ja ja, I know I get carried away at times. I am going to try my best I promise.”

Let’s look at the definition of salvation, to me its not just about going to heaven or hell, its so much more than that.

This definition I found through an old workbook, “salvation means to RESCUE from a state of danger, RESTORATION to wholeness and prosperity.” This reference goes on to give a deeper explanation in the bible, when the word “saved” is used even when one nation is saved from foreign enemies, it doesn’t only involve them escaping death, but also entering into a state of health, wholeness, victory and safety. Our God’s salvation is HOLISTIC and it involves the wellbeing of the whole person. Not just rescuing them, but even reversing negative effects.

STEP 1 – Tribe, considering the two highlighted words in the previous paragraph. In what way have you seen or experienced both. If you haven’t then please don’t feel pressured to write but give it some thought. Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

  • Salvation – rescuing power
  • Salvation – restoring power

You know what? There is a profound HOPE that overwhelms me knowing this world is not my home. As we will begin to unpack salvation over the next week, you will see your salvation will become a protective device that covers you, shields you and protects you against the schemes of the enemy. It enables us to live a WHOLE and HEALTHY life.

#rescuedandrestored #herewego

Day 37 Mental Health Tip

Salvation is not only a past event, it is also a present reality.