Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

What is salvation and what protection does it give to us? While the future implication of our salvation is critical and gives us hope, this is not the only thing it offers us. If salvation was only meant to give us a ticket to eternity, what good would it do us now while we are still on earth? Do we just sit around waiting, living out our days until some future moment when the Lord returns or we go to heaven, which ever way comes first?

STEP 1 – Write just the first part of Ephesians 6:17  down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 2 – Why do you think Paul chose to associate salvation with this particular piece of armor? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 3 – In what sense do you think our salvation can act as a protective measure for our mind?

No, salvation is yours and mine, was meant to come with more than future benefits. It was also supposed to exert a clear impact on our present daily lives. But this impact will only be experienced to the extent that we apply the benefits.

Receiving is not the same as applying salvation. The first redeems us, the second restores, protects and shields us daily from the attacks of the enemy.

So let’s look at several passages that will help us understand salvation better .

STEP 4 – Read Romans 5:9 – 10 in the bible, read it through twice to understand it better. And record your thoughts in your own words and write about this verse in your Prayer Journal.

You see our salvation doesn’t end at the foot of the cross. If you are amazed at what his death accomplished, imagine how much more is accomplished through “his life””

STEP 5 – Describe the difference between sanctification and justification. Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 6 – How does the sanctification protect the mind? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

As our mind gets renewed we become moulded into the image of Christ. Remember I told you during induction week. You are wired to love, you are made in God’s image. That is why receiving salvation is not only a once off thing, sanctification is a process by which we are continually delivered from the wrath of God on earth, protected against the enemy’s attacks.

Now we start to understand what it means to put on salvation like a helmet.

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Day 36 Mental Health Tip

The Helmet of Salvation serves as a FILTER for all invading negative thoughts.