Any discussion of faith would be incomplete without highlighting the critical importance of hearing the voice of God clearly and accurately. If we are not careful, faith can easily turn to foolishness, impulsive, even reckless and dangerous, behaviour done in the name of faith. But true faith must truly be built on the foundation of God’s word which is the truth, and the spirit will lead you to apply it to your life.

STEP 1 – How would you describe the difference between faith and foolishness? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 2 – What keeps someone from crossing the boundary between the two? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

To be clear, some of the issues we face in life requires no need for personal revelation. God has already made himself clear on many things in his unchanging word. But when seeking clarity to finer details of our personal life, or whether or not we are requested like Simon to launch out into the waters – God’s spirit will convict us (John 16:8), teach us (1 John 2:27), guide us (John 16:3) and lead us (Matthew 4:1). He may do it with biblical principles, or perhaps confirmation through other people around you.

He will be faithful to show us the truth, to give us his direction for the next step we are supposed to take. In fact, being confident and affirmed in that next step is critical in order to help us stay balanced as we pursue a lifestyle protected by the shield of faith.

STEP 3 – Look at the following verses that reveals God’s word in a particular area of your life. Circle any of the issues below that might apply in your life now and even in the past. Have you responded in obedience to God’s truth written in the bible below, why or why not? Write this down in your Prayer Journal:

  • Ephesians 4:29 – FORGIVE
  • Deuteronomy 31:6 – GOD WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE
  • 1 Corinthians 6:18 – FLEE FROM SEXUAL IMMORALITY
  • Malachi 3:10 – TITHE

STEP 4 – Have you in any way allowed your feelings to override your commitment to obey? Write this down in you Prayer Journal.

Your enemy is always hoping that you will be swayed by how you feel instead of acting on what you know is the truth. That is why he works overtime to make you feel insecure, unloved, incapable or (this seems to be his favorite ploy) afraid. He hopes you will trust those feelings and be directed by them.

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Day 35 Mental Health Tip

Be a sheep that listens to his shepherd voice.