Yesterday I challenged you to not focus on growing your faith, but instead to focus on how BIG and FAITHFUL God is. I am going to try my utmost best to continue to to remind you of how faithful God is. About 1 year ago I wanted to purchase the house of urban beauty academy. The house cost 1.6 million and is a lot of money to qualify for, especially if both you and hubby are self-employed. Well, I tell you I was ready to go on an adventure with God. I knew that this was the house that I need to purchase. There was parking, everything just fell into place up until SARS knocked at the lawyers’ office just before the house could get registered in my name. They requested a further R240,000 for VAT. Now by that time I had maxed out any possible credit I had, because of the fact that I only qualified for 80 percent of the bond.

I will never forget that day, the day I said “God, you ask me to cast my cares right? So now I am casting this R240,000 to you”. I opened my bedroom window and out went the problem. I still don’t know what that kind of level of faith means, I just know I felt at peace, obedient. Almost like a child that completed all her homework. I remember I walked into the salon and Bridgette would ask me. I never try to figure out how he is going to come through for me, because Isaiah 55:8 – 9 says it so beautifully. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are my ways your ways. For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways.” Many times we may feel like we do cast our burdens on Him, but then we very likely take it back from him again.

The lawyers called me 2 weeks later, to tell me “Mrs. van Schalkwyk, we did a application for zero rated tax, we didn’t want to say anything, because we thought it will be unsuccessful, because of the previous application. But, to our surprise your application was APPROVED, congratulation the house will now continue to be registered in your name!!!”. I wanted to jump so high, I stopped the car. I called my mom, I said “mommy HOW FAITHFUL IS OUR GOD!!!” Tears of joy, because never in a million years did I ever imagine this outcome.

STEP 1 – Lets look at passages like Matthew 6:30, 8:26 and 26:8. See how God quantifies (valuate) someone faith as little. Write in your journal.

STEP 2 – With regard to the step of faith you are considering, what does your action (can be obedience or lack of) say about how you truly feel about the faithfulness of God? Write this in your Prayer Journal:

  • I trust that God is powerful and strong and faithful and that he loves me and will take good care of me.
  • I believe God is powerful and strong yes, but I sometimes question his love and desire to give me my heart’s desire.
  • I guess I don’t really believe he’s all that powerful, because I do ask him to take care of my burdens, but then I take it from him again.

Our action or inaction is an accurate test that gives us an indication of what we believe to be true about God. Remember I said, Faith is an ACTION. We might feel like we have little faith, and yet still be a person of strong faith, because we choose to move forward despite what we feel. Despite when doubt creeps in we still choose to practise faith. You have to constantly remind yourself during meditation about how faithful and reliable God truly is, you become more willing, even excited about actually relying on him. You will find life becomes a breeze because you just don’t know what worry and anxiety is anymore. If GOD can feed the birds in the sky, are you not more valuable than they are??

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Day 33 Mental Health Tip

Because he is faithful, I can be faith-filled