After being married for 5 years, Emile and I decided to build our first home in Soneike. We really looked forward to the process.

We had our eye on a specific builder, because he was really good and highly recommended. We set up our first meeting with both him and the architect who was going to help us design my dream house. But before the first meeting, he emailed us a copy of a contract which he wanted myself and Emile to sign. The contract required more than just a signature, it required a deposit even before the meeting. He comes so highly recommended that he requires deposits coming to meeting. This would be necessary in order to move forward. Well, I was persistent that I wanted this builder, so that is what we did, signed the contract and paid the deposit.

What is the difference between signing the contract and paying the deposit?

What is the difference in risk and sacrifice involved in signing a contract versus paying a deposit?

How can you see the synergy between belief and faith?

What did my willingness say about paying that deposit before he did any work? What did it reveal about how we felt about this builder?

Making the deposit required a deeper commitment even more than simply signing the contract. And yes it did put us in a much riskier position than just signing the contract. But, myself and Emile were willing to do both because we wanted to express our full commitment (okay maybe more me).

It communicated that we trusted the builder, because of his references, etc. He proved he can be trusted based on his track record and personal knowledge of his integrity. So basically I was at peace, that paying this man’s deposit was the right thing to do.

Taking up the shield of faith is like making a deposit to God, It proofs to God that you trust him like you say you do. Faith usually involves some sacrifice, because it most likely involves you taking some risk as well. But, it’s a risk worth taking, every time I take the risk.

STEP 1 – Carefully consider and record what it would cost you to walk in faith in that specific area you need to take up the shield, and write this down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 2 – How has this cost kept you from following through? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

Faith does not control God, it does not make God do something. It gives us access to what God already intended for us. Because of the cross we already own it, but faith allows us access to it.

Having faith, says less about you and more about God. Faith does not focus on the quantity of our belief, but rather focuses on how trustworthy, true, loyal the human is to their belief. The quality of your belief.

So even if you have faith like a mustard seed – do you know how small that seed is? You can say to the mulberry tree, be uprooted and be planted in the sea and it will actually obey you. (Luke 17:5-6)

If you are struggling to move forward in obedience to God, you do not need bigger faith, you just need to realise how BIG and sovereign God is. Wow, I love this new revelation as I am writing this!! Your level of faith will always be tied to your perception of God. If your perception of Him is faulty, your faith will be faulty. If your perception of God is on point, your faith will be. Tribe, you don’t need more faith you need to believe that he is faithful. You need to understand and comprehend and have an accurate view of God’s sovereignty.

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Day 32 Mental Health Tip

Don't grow your faith grow your comprehension of God.