We have learnt throughout the last 30 days that the enemy is shooting flaming arrows at you all the time. He wants to distract you, so that he can blindside you. Many of you have become resilient to life’s stresses and worries, and can now easily identify the enemy’s flaming arrows. However, there is still work to be done.

STEP 1 – During the 1st week you wrote circumstances/people/addictions in your fear circle. Now write down where you still feel you can’t get breakthrough from the things in your circle, because of the following feelings. Choose and identify which circumstance and person relates to the feeling:

Insecurity / fear / doubt / temptation / anxiety / worry / discouragement / questioning your ability / guilt / hopelessness / hateful thoughts / increase of stress.

Do you think that whatever you wrote down in the exercise above is somehow related to the specific attacks the enemy has against you? YES!! Of course, he has been studying you for 30 days. He knows where your weakness lies and he will continue to aim at those areas for the next 30 days before you are about to form healthy habits. He knows he can’t destroy you, but he fully intends to sidetrack your attention by setting any number of internal blaze in your life – like insecurity, intimidation, anxiety, worry or busyness. He wants you to contemplate disobedience, entertain crippling thoughts, so you will be unfocused while he sneaks up behind you.

STEP 2 – How have you noticed the enemy creeping up to blindside you, perhaps in other areas of your life, while you have been preoccupied with putting out internal flames in your circle? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 3 – Think back to the person and circumstances you wrote in that circle during your 1st week on this challenge. What connection do you see God is asking you to be aware of and take a step of faith in that situation? Write this in your circle.

The shield of faith was especially important to the writer of the book Ephesians. Want to know how I know? Because, other than prayer, he put more of an emphasis on this piece of armor than any of the others by including additional statements before and after mentioning the shield itself.

STEP 4 – Read Ephesians 6:16 and underline the statements Paul is making surrounding the shield of faith…

Why do you think Paul may have gone through great lengths to bring attention to the benefits of this piece of armor? Maybe discuss this in your mentor group today? You never know who in the group needs to hear this today.

Firstly, he makes it very clear that we need to have faith at ALL TIMES, not just when things are going well, but in ALL circumstances. Then he highlights the benefits of the shield saying that it will EXTINGUISH ALL THE FLAMING DARTS!! Bingo, so when talking about faith he tells us right away that the result will be to take up the shield of faith.

STEP 5 – Turn to Ephesians 6 and compare verses 14-15 with 16-17 . what major difference of words used do you detect. Write your observation in your Prayer Journal.

You see tribe, the belt of truth, the breastplate and the shoes we put on last week, we wear minute-by-minute and day-by-day. But, Paul is telling us this week, he COMMANDS us… TAKE UP your shield. Look at it this way, the students at Urban Beauty Academy must always put on their uniforms everyday, but at some point they need to take up their other equipment to complete their job.

Don’t miss the point of today, the enemy sends arrows into your life specifically when you are being called to walk in faith. Those arrows are sent to disable you to do the only thing that will extinguish it and that is to walk in faith. He knows if you will push past the insecurities, doubt or fear that is burning in your soul he will never get you to burn out.

I am tempted to fall for the arrows myself, feeling intimidated in many areas of my life, even writing these motivational messages daily. Walking in faith for me means doing what God has called me to do, despite how incapable I might feel at times. The shield of faith works, I’m living proof of that. The enemy knows the power of faith.

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Day 31 Mental Health Tip

Faith causes fiery arrows to fizzle.