We all tell a white lie now and then, and while we are doing it we hope that we don’t need to tell the lie. But, sometimes we are forced to do the little tiny white lie. So what if we take that same action of telling a white lie and act like God is telling the truth. Just act as if God is telling the truth, that is faith. It is the process of adapting your behaviour, your decisions and ultimately your whole lifestyle so that it aligns with what God wants you to do, without needing to see evidence that it will work. In fact you CHOOSE to act in accordance with the truth despite the fact that you can’t see the outcome.


STEP 1 – Underline the key words in the sentence above.

STEP 2 – Make a list in your Prayer Journal where God is wanting you to take a step of faith right now (maybe it’s to forgive, to surrender). I will refer back to this list again throughout this week coming.

STEP 3 – Why do you think you hesitate to move forward in obedience? Try to search the reason and write the reasons down in your Prayer Journal?

Example; maybe you struggle to let go of your old ways.

STEP 4 – Have you prayed specifically about this ? if you still struggle maybe talk to me about this in our next 1 on 1. Make a note about this in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 5 – Turn to Hebrews 11:1 and copy the biblical definition of faith word by word in your Prayer Journal.

The word EVIDENCE or CONVICTION in the above sentence that you wrote down, in Greek its called elanchos. That means “PROOF” of something. How does this help you understand that faith is tangible (real, physical)?

STEP 6 – Now apply the following elements of the definition of faith to the area of your life you are struggling with. Write it down in your Prayer Journal.

  1. Faith is… ( Hebrews 11)
  2. Acting like it is so (in what practical way can you respond in faith?)
  3. Even when it is not so (what are the unseen elements that makes it difficult to do so?)
  4. So that it might be so (what are God’s promises to you)
  5. Simply because God said so (what has he told you do )

While faith often requires risk, It also incorporates wisdom. A wise women will seek sound direction, clarity and confirmation before moving forward so that she is not making impulsive or even foolish decision. In fact, the more your choices will alter your lifestyle or affect others around you (this you are well aware of now), the more time and effort, and energy you should spend confirming God’s word before you do anything else at all.

Once you get clarity on what you believe God requires from you, your very next step is FAITH. ACTIVE FAITH and that is your shield.

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Day 30 Mental Health Tip

When your mind is in doubt, allow faith to overtake.