I cannot believe we are at the end of the renewal of the mind. I know for many of you, this process has taken much longer then expected. Maybe some of you are still not there yet, only because you are not ready to let go of what does not serve your body. Too often we complicate the situation. Its really about surrendering your control and handing it all over.

When we begin to see the supernatural effects of the gospel, when strongholds are demolished in our lives and we get the taste of the true freedom – the results is gratitude that overflows into action. Wearing the shoes of peace means that I need to action my faith in God.

STEP 1 – Ask God to reveal to you the person you need to proactively encourage in any way, be it spiritually, physically or relationship. Write their name down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 2 – What steps can you take to engage with this person? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

Peace intimidates our enemy. He knows we are coming when we are all marching in unity with our peace shoes securely in place. The sound will serve him notice that we are ready, at our post, standing our ground and fearlessly advancing against his kingdom.

That is the spiritual confidence that comes from peace. I don’t know where you stand today on the peace front? Are you sailing through your struggles in life, knowing that it does not matter what life throws at you, because you have peace with God; or are you biting your nails every time it gets to month end. Or bitting peoples’ heads off for every little perceived offense. Before you start writing your prayer strategy that will help you slide into your shoes of peace, I would like you to consider a little field trip.

STEP 3 – Think of a person that lives a peace filled life. Write his or her name down below. Describe how you see their peacefulness reflects in their circumstances. Also write down how you see this armour offers protections against the enemy’s attempts to stunt his/her progress. How do you see him or her strive despite of the difficulty?

My sister Fallin is that peaceful person I admire. Her life was thrown up side down with life changing challenges last year, losing our sister, having to foster Leony’s 3 children, fell pregnant with her own baby and still managed to have a huge amount of peacefulness about her.

Consider having a tea date with this person. Listen, learn and record insight in your journal on how she/he actually manages to keep the peace.

This in essence is your accurate portrait of peace. It will guide you, keeping you steady, assured, unwavering, even capable of smiling when everything in your environment says you should be screaming for dear life.

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Day 28 Mental Health Tip

You have the extraordinary ability to switch on an optimal level of PEACE in your body.