About 2 years ago we had the joy to go overseas on holiday to Italy. We planned a few special events for our family trip together. And everywhere you go there was this delicious food, and I could clearly notice within 1 week my waistline was an accurate indicator of how much fun I actually had.

I was forced to go for a run, but realised through all of the shoes I packed, I completely forgot to throw in my running shoes. I packed all the dress shoes and NO fighting shoes against these extra calories.

Spiritual warfare calls for shoes that is appropriate for the occasion as well, but often our spiritual lives are so chock-full of activity designed to impress others that we forget to pack in the basics. The ones that will actually support the victory over the calories. So there and then I realised, Clauds you need less dress shoes and more fighting shoes in this bag.

We need to be prepared in readiness for the fight of this battle. If we are preoccupied or get too busy with life and work, we will never be able to experience the peace that God intended for us to develop.

STEP – Review what you now understand between Peace WITH God and the Peace OF God. How do they work together to make us “ready” and “prepared”for the fight? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 2 – Write down the scripture Ephesians 6:15 and circle what Paul tells us to do in your Prayer Journal.

Do you get the picture? He does not want us to wait for the right time, or the right opportunity to get up and go. No!!! You must SLEEP with your fighting shoes on. You need to be READY, you must be eager to share the good news of how His love changed you.

This means standing firm is not merely a defensive posture, its not only about digging in, its about moving forward. It’s about going into the enemies territory from a strong position of victory and taking back ground, the ground he stole from you for so many years.

#putonyourfightingshoes #herewego

Day 27 Mental Health Tip

Your feet must be sandaled with readiness in preparation for a fight.