These shoes of peace can do a lot of walking (if we will wear them) and take us to places we never thought we would see in our lifetime.

Only God’s peace can dig deep enough to offer the kind of anchoring, grounding and security we need, especially when the enemy is always on the loose, and targets us in those areas where we are the weakest and the most tender.

False and cheap substitutes have never been and will never be sufficient replacements.

STEP 1 – What activities, people or escape do you tend to seek out when you upset and trying to find peace? Answer this in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 2 – Answer this in your Prayer Journal – In what way have you found these option to be:

  • Temporary…?
  • Unsatisfying…?
  • Deceiving…?

We all long to be nurtured and filled with love. Sadly, many people waste years and years of their lives seeking this fulfilment in relationships, substances, or ambitions, only to still be left feeling meaningless in the end. We know why, don’t we? The vacuum in our hearts can only be occupied by the one thing for which it was created, a relationship and intimacy with God.

So let us discuss the two types of peace we get.

Peace WITH God, and Peace OF God.

STEP 3 – Read Romans 5:1, rewrite the scripture and underline the words  “peace with God”, then directly after, write down the verse in your own words.

STEP 4 – How does this verse accentuate what you have learned about imputed righteousness last week? Write your answer down in your own words in your Prayer Journal trying to find the synergy.

How does imputed righteousness make peace with God possible?

You see, when we place faith in Christ, in his death and resurrection – we are finally able to experience the intimacy WITH God. Never again must we settle for unsatisfying substitutes that are not capable of filling the void in our souls. They promise peace, they don’t deliver peace. Only GOD, only the gospel gives us true, forever peace. This only happens when you completely surrender to allowing your transformation to happen through the knowledge given to you through this programme. After losing my sister and father, I realised more and more that this earth we live on is only temporary. How can people settle thinking that this earth is their home. Without peace, NO HOPE , NO CHANCE.

#peacewithgod #herewego

Day 25 Mental Health Tip

We are not at peace with others, because we are not at peace with ourselves, and we are not at peace with ourselves, because we are not at peace WITH God.