Well done on reaching 21 Days! It is really an amazing achievement!!! Please get up and start dancing like crazy. Throw your hands up in the sky and start thanking God. Start building a strategy of Thanksgiving for all he has done thus far. He has made available Armors for you to fight this battle on earth. I’m getting very emotional writing this because I know how hard you have worked to get here. So go out and celebrate tonight 😄😄

Changed behaviours, as well as internal changed behaviours are a natural outcome of healthy growth. Babies don’t need to work hard to change. They don’t even need to concentrate on it. All they need to do is be well cared for. When that happens the natural outcome is GROWTH. Which automatically creates change. A baby that isn’t changing isn’t growing.

So if you want to grow in righteousness and see your life transform from the inside out, your spiritual health must be your focus. One of the cunning ways of the enemy is to trick you to focus on your physical health instead of focusing on health and wellness in Christ.

STEP 1 – Choose 1 scripture verse this week that really hit home for you, and ask how this scripture can be received and not just read by you.

STEP 2 – Are there any behaviours or attitudes in your life that, honestly, you doubtful you will ever be able to change? Maybe you have tried for so long, you feel a complete sense of discouragement about it. Be brave enough to list them in your Prayer Journal.

No matter what you have written above, the spirit can and will change you. Things that you used to want, you will loose an appetite for. Things you never thought you want, you will start craving. Environments and conversations you could once tolerate and even enjoy will begin to feel uncomfortable and distasteful. That is when you know, you are indeed wearing the breastplate of righteousness.

#changeisgrowth #herewego

Day 21 Mental Health Tip

Be not conformed by this world, but transformed by renewal of the mind.