As human beings with the DNA of Adam and Eve, Nobody is perfect. We all have sin.

“All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23.

Perfection is an utterly impossible, unreasonable request (trust me, I’ve tried it). The enemy loves us to chase perfection instead of chasing after God. Ironically, we can be just as bound by the pursuit of perfection as by any addiction to alcohol or pornography. There is no difference.

STEP 1 – Do you struggle with perfectionism? Yes or no. Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 2 – In which ways? Is your perfection rooted to seek Gods approval or desire to receive approval from other people? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

God is saying “Nobody is perfect”. Perfect Righteousness discourages you and this is what the enemy wants.


Seriously, say it loud and clear so that the enemy can hear you.

#Iamperfect #herewego

Day 17 Mental Health Tip

Stop obsessing over being a perfect human being. You will make mistakes, own up to them and grow from them, overcome and learn from them.