Each week of your life, Detox moves you toward a healthier, happier mind and body. You will find that many other unrelated aspects in your life improve as well. Your heart mind and soul are all connected.

No cleanse is complete unless you detox it all. This detox programme may help you shift a few kilograms now. What happens the next time you get stressed out? Would you reach for the chocolates or glass of wine? If you want to let go of mental or emotional blocks once and for all, you will need to get connected to the source. Your source is NOT THE GLASS OF WINE, IT’S NOT THE CHOCOLATE, IT’S GOD!!!

The heart is without a doubt the most vital organ of the body. Your heart is the seat of your life. It is the source where every blood vessel moves through. So, similarly as your physical heart is to your physical life, your spiritual heart is to your spiritual life.

Proverbs 4:23, “Guard your heart above all else, for it’s the source of life.”

STEP 1 – Using the above paragraph as your guide, how would you describe the important actions the spiritual heart contributes to spiritual life? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 2 – What does Proverbs 4:23 command from us? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

STEP 3 – With reference to the above verse from Proverbs, why do you think this is so vital for YOU? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

The breast plate was used by the Roman soldiers, to protect their heart or upper body during war. In case of a direct hit to the upper body which could mean life or death.

Truth provides the picture frame; righteousness paints the picture.

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Day 15 Mental Health Tip

Righteousness is upright living, aligned with Gods expectations.