Lets celebrate!!!! This is a milestone, reaching day 14. I can now comfortably say that you feel lighter, so much more clear in your head. You think more than ever before. Your brain seems to have switched on halfway and it feels good. You feel fresher and want to feel more of this feeling. You can only feel this way if you have been doing my protocol 100 percent.

STEP 1 – Tell me how you feel, the good and the ugly, tell me all? Write this down in your Prayer Journal.

We have reached the end of our teaching about the truth, and the enemy’s strategy against you is equally clever. He plans to zero in on you on your next 7 days. He knows the next 7 days is extremely important to complete the restructuring of the brain process. He plans to use your deepest insecurities and desires. He plans to make you walk past that bread that just came out of the oven or that, cinnamon buns that smells so fresh you can taste them. Don’t worry, it’s the smell that acts as a TRIGGER. Make yourself some cinnamon tea and have a date. Within seconds you will be over the TRIGGER.

With the prayer strategy you are about to craft for this week, and the belt of truth you are wearing, you are girded and protected from this day forward .

STEP 2 – Write down your Prayer Strategy in you Prayer Journal. List each of the things you need to pray for, and against.

I can honestly say, if you have done every single day mindfully up until date, YOU WILL NEVER GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK THAT YOU LOST THIS FAR EVER AGAIN.

#identifythetriggers #herewego

Day 14 Mental Health Tip

One of the reasons we overthink is because, we CHOOSE not to take responsibility and we take on a victim mentality.