Believe me, he will try to interrupt your daily routine. He will keep you away from wanting to practise your meditation in the morning. But, know there are always better days than others.

When you skip the meditation session you are giving the enemy a wide-open door to play with your mind. You will find the days you don’t do your meditation, those days are much harder to resist the enemy. Those are normally the days he likes to spread his lies, and if you don’t feed your soul with the truth you won’t be able to withstand him.

He tricks you in thinking your situation will never change, you can try this challenge, but it will never work. He hammers you with accusations in your mind that place a burden of shame and guilt on your shoulders too heavy to carry. “Ag, why should I pray or meditate? Nothing happens to me really. I can’t sit still with myself for 2min, I get bored!”. If you are asking yourself these questions, you are exactly where the enemy wants you to be.

Knowing the TRUTH is the key.

Setting your intention is the game changer.

You cannot succeed in this challenge if you are not practising.

Joshua 1:8 “Meditate on my word day and night, and I promise you success.”

STEP 1 – Write down in your Prayer Journal if you are struggling with meditation and why?

The strategy of the enemy is against your FOCUS: He disguises himself and manipulates your perspective so you end up focusing on the wrong culprit, directing your weapons at the wrong enemy. ( 2 Cor 11:14)

You will always have interruption on certain days but, be mindful not to get stressed out about the fact that your day doesn’t go as planned. Breath, work through it and know that this is also part of his plan to get you to deviate. But, you know the truth, stand firm!!!

#acceptinterruption #herewego

Day 13 Mental Health Tip

Learn to listen with curiosity, vulnerability and patience. Only then will you be able to grow mentally.