You are almost 2 weeks into restructuring your mind. That is why this programme requires CONSISTENCY. It is easy to let our problems or stresses becomes the focus of our attention. We tend to focus on the decisions we have to make, but yesterday we learnt we cant base those decisions on feelings. We should base it on the truth.

Our core is what connects our upper body with our lower body. Every movement we make requires support from our core. We know now it is very difficult to build a strong core because, it is the weakest part of our body but, THE MOST VITAL PART. The TRUTH is your core support.

God is asking, “what good is it if I give you the truth but, you don’t live by the truth?”.

What is the weapon the enemy has against us? FEAR!! He wants us to live in fear. He wants us to make decisions out of the FEAR zone.

The truth is not always comfortable but, God brings alignment with the truth. He is the author of all truth.

So we often forget to focus on the things that are going right.

STEP 1 – Please right down all the things you are grateful for in your life at the moment in your Prayer Journal.

To help you REVERSE your worry, FOCUS on the positives in your life. Stay connected to your core and allow the truth to lead the path.

Push forward and keep focus .

#coreconnections #herewego

Day 11 Mental Health Tip

The turning point in the process of transformation is when you discover the core strength within you that survived the hurt.