Daytime Ritual

Toxic To-do List

Take your time to write your Toxic To-do List throughout the 1st week.  Because, working through and clearing the negative thoughts forms the basis of your everyday detox exercise. During your Daytime Ritual, you will focus on Detoxing 1 toxic thought per week on your list. This will renew your life and transform you.

Once you write down your Toxic To-do List, it will be easier and clearer to figure out and understand what you want to get from your journey on this challenge.

Prayer Journal

For your Toxic To-do List, in your prayer journal write down all the things that you would benefit from cleaning, fixing, organising and resolving. Include those things you’ve wanted to do for a while already but haven’t come around to it, and the stuff you have been putting off. It may be an outstanding bill or cleaning out your cupboard or organising a dental appointment. What ever it is, big or small, write it down. Use the following areas in your life:

  • My health
  • My relationship
  • My work
  • My finances
  • Dis-organisation and messes
  • Bad habits
  • Toxic environments / toxic emotions