Dry-Fasting & Detoxing

I call dry-fasting “being on nature’s operating table”, since its truly the highest form of healing. After the body re-hydrates the body’s production of stem-cells goes up by 300% and human growth hormone production is boosted, which means the body regenerates itself immensely after each dry fast period. The cleaner the body becomes the more profound the regeneration during dry-fasting. It is not a good idea to dive into deep dry-fasting too early on as you want to adapt the body slowly and hydrate the body on a cellular level by eating a high fruit diet for months or year. Fruit hydrates on a cellular level, water dilutes.


During this time we can find several Detox symptoms. We can feel very good and energetic, but crash once we re-hydrate again. That is because, the body is burning acids and kind of running on adrenaline but, then repairs once re-hydrated and it takes a lot of energy to heal the body, hence the exhaustion and fatigue! That is why we don’t want to overdo the fasting, as it can tax the adrenals but it’s a good way of kick starting you into the challenge. The protocol in this challenge is consistent and gradual to assist you to heal.


Dry-fasting, like in this protocol, will help open up your kidneys and forces them to filter out lymphatic waste which is also crucial to our deepest healing. A dull kidney and lower back ache is very normal and common during in dry-fasting, especially when attempting longer then 18 hours dry. Also learn to feel into the emotions of fear which the kidneys hold. A lot of our fear is trapped in our tissue. You may have heard the expression “our issue is in our tissue” – it literally is.

You will end your day with “pudding” every other day made up of three ingredients:

  • ½ tsp of bentonite clay
  • ½ tsp of activated charcoal
  • 1 tsp of psyllium husk

Mix this quickly in a glass of grape juice and drink quickly

Read more about these three ingredients HERE

Always break your fast with “lymphbuster“. See below for how to make this:

  • 10 oranges
  • 5 grape fruits
  • Ginger (grate a piece)
  • 3 lemons

Squeeze everything together and add 1 Tbs of  Baobab Powder with the buster.