Morning Ritual

Motivational Messages

The purpose of this ritual is to assist to detox the mind, and the renewal of the mind will only happen once you make time for this session. DO NOT SKIP this session.

Motivational messages are there to equip you with the correct Armor to fight the battles on this earth. This challenge is only sustainable if you do the motivational teachings found in the My 7 Days section on this website.


Let’s start by standing with your legs apart in line with your shoulders, your knees slightly bent, and pelvis tucked. Let your shoulders drop down, relax your jaw and close your eyes .

Imagine placing a warm smile on top of your head and let it melt down over the front of your face, neck, and the entire front of your body to your feet and back into the earth.

Imagine placing another warm smile on the top of your head and this time imagine it melting down the back of your head, neck, back and all the way down to the earth and at this time let it melt through your head (relaxing your mind) down through your centre and back into the earth.

Now imagine roots coming out from the soles and the heels of your feet, going deep into the earth and directly below you spreading out as far as the earths core. This is how it feels to be grounded in the truth.

Imagine golden and warm energy coming up through the roots and entering into our body through your feet as you breath deeply and slowly. Inhale and imagine you pulling the energy up through your body and over the top of your head. Exhale and let it go down over your face and the front of your body, returning to the earth. Repeat this 5 times.