7 Day Introduction

Restructuring Your Brain

We have to understand that our BRAIN and our MIND are not the same organ. Our brain forms part of our body. Your brain controls your body. Your mind controls your brain. So if we want a healthy body we need a healthy mind. You become what you THINK. Thoughts are real things and this is what we will learn throughout the 7 days, is that you CONTROL your thoughts, that will ultimately control what you CHOOSE to think about. You are in control of thinking positive or negative

Our thoughts before, during and after eating profoundly impacts our food choices and  digestive health. Our mind is connected to our digestive system. What is your mindset around food? Does the advertising market influence the choices you make. Think about this, you’re not really hungry but if you see the sign of McDonalds or KFC it triggers your mind and the thoughts raises “”I am hungry”. You not really hungry it’s the effect of what food marketing has on our society. You need to STOP and think “am I really hungry?”.

Even trying to eat a beautiful kale salad, but your mind is a mess, means your body will not absorb these nutrients because everything is not in sync. If your day was terrible and you are still upset about your boss or a meeting, that fear and anxiety will block all the nutrients that needs to flow from your body to your brain. That is why it is so important to eat mindfully. It is an urge, a responsibility that we need to start learning within the 1st day of this challenge.

If your mindset is saying REAL foods are too difficult to find, that is a negative statement, that is your mindset, that is your reality and that is the choice you are making. If you don’t change your mindset then your choices will never change. Your expectation will be, its really difficult to live healthy. The thinking behind the meal has a very big effect on your digestive system.

That is why this challenge is focused mainly on the renewal of your mind because, once you change the way you think about food you will be able to sustain this lifestyle.

We are not wired to think negative. We are made in God’s likeness. We are wired to think positive and to live in LOVE, we are not wired to think negative and live in FEAR. The 1st day our focus will be to identify why we have been operating from the FEAR ZONE and how we can progress over the next few days transforming into the LOVE zone. I strongly recommend you join the 90 Day Challenge to understand this more and break more barriers.

DAY 1: “ Do not be conformed by this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewal of your mind, so that you may discern what is the will of God for your life, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

RENEWAL OF THE MIND: It takes 21 days to restructure your brain. That’s why it’s best you move onto our 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge or 90 Day Wellness Challenge once you’ve completed this programme.

Day 1: Restructuring Your Brain.

I wish you all the best…

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